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Does Waist Training Actually Work?


In order to properly address this problem, it is essential to discuss how waist trainers actually work. In the past, there were steel boned, restrictive corsets that were used.

However, the waist trainers used today are made out of supple latex. They are elasticated wide belts. They have been designed to show off killer curves, and have been praised as a fashion and weight loss phenomenon.

Although corset training dates back to the Victorian era, waist training is something new - and has been popularised by celebrities - the Kardashians in particular.

However, although it has been proven that body, steel-boned corsets can permanently alter shape; do these new counterparts actually work? The following are some of the key facts that you need to know before you invest your money and time into the new fashion and fitness craze:

There Is a Flawed Theory Behind These Claims

It is recommended by manufacturers that waist trainers be worn for eight hours per day, and especially while you are exercising. The theory is waist trainers produce thermogenesis within the body, via perspiration, to eliminate impurities and toxins from the body, and melt fat away.

However, any scientific evidence does not support these theories. The success stories seen online are most likely due to adopting stomach-flattening foods or consuming smaller meals, since it is uncomfortable to wear the waist trainer while eating large meals. That, along with losing water weight due to sweating can create the illusion that weight has been lost.  Another kinder alternative is to find the best control briefs and wear these to help accentuate your curves.

The Waist Trainer Can Redistribute Weight

Any kind of compression can make you appear smaller. Therefore, your waist will be minimised while wearing a waist trainer. However, if it doesn't fit correctly fat may be displaced elsewhere by some waist trainers, which can result in unattractive bumps and lumps that you didn't have issues with previously.

Be sure to choose the right waist trainer for your shape and waist. To give yourself the best chance to succeed, make sure you are measured properly and order the right shape and size for your body.

Health Complications Can Arise

If a waist trainer is worn, longer than the 8 hours that is recommended, you will be uncomfortable at best, but you could wind up having serious health issues at the worst. Irritation and sweat can cause infections. Also, if the trainer is too tight it may because you to become light headed.

If you are planning on working out that can be a major concern. In addition, positions of your internal organs can be displaced by waist training, which can lead to indigestion and heartburn, along with more complicated problems like liver and kidney problems.

For young girls they are especially dangerous, since the constriction can seriously damage developing bodies.

Mental Health Can Be Damaged

The effect on one's mental health is especially concerning. Everyone wants to lose weight, and to fit into the skinny jeans that we had give up hoes of ever being able to get out of closet and put on again. However, there is mounting evidence that a deeper psychological issue is fed by the waist-training phenomenon, which can really damage mental health.

You will look slimmer while wearing the shape wear. However, it also will remind you that your shape is not perfect, and the constant comparison might magnify and perpetuate any unhappiness you are feeling about your body.

The Benefits Are Only Temporary

Clearly, the science is flaw, and simply wearing a waist trainer by itself will not reshape your body. Truthfully, it is made from industrial strength latex, meaning it cinches your waist up to about 4 inches, to product impressive aesthetic benefits. However, the benefits are only temporary, and after you take off the trainer those inches will return.

I hope that these pointers will help you determine whether waist training is best for you. If you undergo waist training correct and use it along with targeted exercise and a healthy diet, then you can certainly shrink your waist. However, the same results can probably be achieved without a waist trainer's asphyxiating restriction.