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Important Benefits Of Opting For A Serviced Apartment


When it comes to reducing business expenses, there is nothing quite like a luxury serviced apartment. For instance, a four-night stay in such an abode tends to cost roughly 40 percent less than a top hotel of similar quality. There is more to the story, however, as serviced apartments are great for all types of users for a range of different reasons.

Business, as well as leisure travellers all across the UK, are taking notice of serviced apartments at a rapidly growing rate. If you seek a place that is more than simply a place to lay your head at night, this is a perfect solution. Many still wonder, however, what serviced apartments include in terms of amenities and why they are extremely beneficial.

Facts About Serviced Apartments

These accommodations are the sort that may be booked for one or several nights. Kitchens are included and maid service is provided no less than once per week. Longer stays are characterised by a lower daily rate, something that can prove ideal for businesspeople.

This is just a bare-bones explanation of the serviced apartment concept, but the truth is that many such properties offer an amazing set of features and amenities that make them stand apart from other lodging options.

Variety of Apartments

Serviced apartments come in a range of formats and styles. It is possible to secure a studio apartment or something that features anywhere from 1-3 bedrooms. Travellers interested in sharing will find 2 or 3 bedroom apartments perfect for generating real cost savings. Bathrooms tend to be 1 per bedroom, and these types of apartments generally have kitchens as well as dining spaces that are of an impressive standard. So, why should you get a serviced apartment?

1. The Real Meaning of Self Catering

Many ask the question of what serviced apartment living is actually like. One answer is that there is no longer a need to rely only on hotel food. Bid farewell to unhealthy, overpriced restaurant offerings! It is now possible to use your own well-equipped kitchen to create nutritious, cost-effective meals that you actually enjoy. Your in-apartment dining space will allow to you eat in comfort while perusing paperwork, your computer screen or doing nothing at all!

The endless, lonely meals in hotel dining rooms are over now that you have the freedom to cook the foods you love at whatever time you wish.

2. So Much More Than a Hotel Room

No more expensive minibar snacks; now that you have access to a properly-sized refrigerator that contains anything you choose to put in it. Fresh fruit, chilled wine and anything else that strikes your fancy can be kept within arm's reach for the entire stay. This also affords you the option of entertaining business clients or local friends without excessive expense or hassle.

3. Skip Bureaucratic and Logistical Hassles

Apartments of this type really do represent a home-like environment. You need not feel like a transient who lives out of luggage, because this is a longer-term space that feels more like your own residence. If you are working on secondment for an extended period, it is wonderful to have the freedom to enjoy something of a real life, even while engaging in this type of work. The impressive thing as using a serviced apartment in Reading is a far more cost-effective and comfortable option than staying in a luxury hotel.

There is no need to go through the hassle of checking out every Friday before the weekend leave. Simply leave your things in place, head out for a break and feel confident in the knowledge that you can start right back up again on Monday without all of the unpacking and re-settling.

4. Extra Space to Truly Live

Serviced apartments afford you a round-the-clock base from which to work so that you can avoid the inconvenience of having to book a conventional hotel's conference room, something which can also be quite costly. Colleagues can visit your apartment space to discuss work matters, and your dining room can serve as an impromptu file storage space.

5. A Wonderfully Flexible Home Base

Using a serviced apartment is a perfect way to consolidate operations for short, long or medium-length needs across the UK. Having just a single contact point is perfect for booking accommodations for as many people as a project requires, greatly simplifying life for busy businesspeople.