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Candy Floss and Piopcorn Machines ...

With our wide selection of commercial-quality Candy Floss and Popcorn machines we are able to cater for any event, from machines and handcarts to stalls. Comes complete with a Staff member.

Candy Floss
'Ah the childhood memories of candy floss, on a sunny day at the sea-side. As if sandcastles and splashing in the waves were not enough, whilst walking past a red and white striped stall. A sweet smelling pink cloud is seemingly snatched from the sky and presented to you on a stick for your delectation and delight. You sink your face into all that sweet fluffiness, chomping a mouthful of cloud and feeling it magically melt away'.

Always a favourite, It's Tasty!  It's Hot!  It's Popping!  It's Poptastic