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Slivovitz Miniatures: Is It The Right Wedding Giveaway? Buy Brandy UK Online!


Couples are always looking for items that they could give away to their loved ones as a heartfelt thank you for being a part of their big day. As a result, they prefer coming up with exclusive wedding favors. It is more like a treat to receive a bag of tempting chocolates or a table of sweets after the celebration; more and more newlyweds today consider something a bit different and present their guests with amazing wedding favors. Slivovitz miniatures are one of them!

Guests get Slivovitz miniatures from the newlyweds with their names and wedding date printed as a memory. The drink is generally served to the guests before the wedding lunch as aperitifs in 0,05L pear-like miniature bottles. These brands are made of fermented fruit like Slivovitz is plum brandy; others are made of honey, cherry, Williams’s pear, quince, etc. These drinks are useful in increasing the appetite; stimulate digestion, lower blood pressure, etc.

Before you consider giving Slivovitz miniatures as a wedding gift, below are some vital tips you must take into account:

  • Check Your Venue’s Alcohol Policy

Depending on the venue’s policy, you may or may not be able to provide alcohol of any sort. Although, some may permit you to distribute wedding favors to your guests. Others will not allow you to do so. Hence, it is imperative for you to check the venue’s alcohol policy before you consider stocking up these miniature bottles.

  • Do Slivovitz miniatures Complement Your Overall Wedding Theme?

Your preference of Slivovitz miniatures could complement the season of your big day, so for a mid-summer wedding, you may consider gin whereas for winters you may choose a cream liqueur. Other than that, do take into account the mood of your do. If you are having a contemporary themed wedding, you may have to get flavored vodka, if it is a more traditional affair, having a port or sherry perhaps be perfect for the occasion. Do you want to buy brandy UK? If you are from the UK, you can buy it at, German customers can buy it

  • Would Your Guests Appreciate These Drinks?

Not all of your guests would be spirit drinkers, so ensure to vary the favors to meet your guests’ tastes. You may consider having different options such as a sweeter chocolate liqueur to the ladies and whiskey miniatures to the male guests. Furthermore, consider having non-alcoholic alternatives too for your teetotal family and friends.

  • Make A Gift Set

For a more refined wedding favor, you may consider combining your Slivovitz miniatures with a chocolate or a biscuit that complements it well. If you pick the best-shaped glassware, such as a brandy glass, you will be able to place both the bottle and the sweet treat inside and then wrap it up with clean cellophane to create a small gift set and present it to your guests right at their tables.