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Texas Farm Bureau, Cheapest Insurance Guaranteed


Texas Farm Bureau is one of the companies that offer the lowest quotes among all the insurance companies in Texas together with GEICO and State Farm. On average, it offers a $2,344 average annual rate for a 25-year old driver and at the same time, makes sure that the state requirements on liability, collision and comprehensive are fully rendered to suit your needs.

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Texas Farm Bureau, established in 1933, started as an association which grew from 15,630 members to 470,000-member families. The Bureau has helped bring electricity and phone lines to rural places and establish markets and market policies in Texas. The company's insurance program started in 1952 and has helped costumers protect their properties and even their everyday lives.

Various Insurance Options

Several options are prepared by the Bureau for their insurance costumers, which includes the personal injury protection for lost wages and child care expenses, death indemnity for a beneficiary in an unfortunate event that death comes while driving your car and an uninsured or underinsured coverage which comes in a hit-and-run incident or when a driver has no liability insurance. All these are offered by Texas Farm Bureau which you can accompany with other savings through discounts on alarm systems to air bags.

An average annual rate of $2,344 is offered by the company for 25-year old drivers, $1,987 for 30-year old drivers, $1,612 for 35-year old drivers, $1,232 for 40-year old drivers, $1,009 for 45-year old drivers and $834 for 55-year old drivers. This may also vary depending on the model of the vehicle. The minimum rates may not be adequate for new model of cars.

Lowest Premium Rate

In total, Texas Farm Bureau charges a premium of $415,641,543 to its insurance customers with a rate increase of 3.4% per 18 months under a four-star satisfaction rate. This is a rate cheaper than GEICO with a $535,701,791 premium and State Farm with a $547,875,321 total premium.

The Texas Farm Bureau is the cheapest choice for insurance in the city of Dallas with an average of $1,487, in Houston with an average of $1,423, in Austin with the lowest average of $1,232, in San Antonio with $1,444, in El Paso with $1,441, in Fort Worth with $1,236, in Arlington with $1,311, in Corpus Cristi with  $1,187, in Plano Auto with $1,336, in Laredo with $1,106, in Lubbock with $1,125, in Irving with $1,121, and in Garland with $1,078. All in all, AutoInsureSavings showing Texas Farm Bureau and State Farm being the cheapest in all eight over 13 cities enumerated.